Pickleball Balls: Which is the Best for Indoor & Outdoor Play?

To enjoy the game of Pickleball you will at least need a paddle and a pickleball ball. While there are huge pickleball paddle selection, it’s way easier to find the right ball to play. Pickleball ball is made out of plastic and beginners often assume that balls last forever, but it’s simply not true.

Durability is one of the most important characteristics as some balls need replacement just after a few games. Plastic tends to crack or ball develops a wobbling which will make the game less enjoyable.

Pickleballs on court

Best outdoor pickleball ball 2019

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor review

You can’t go wrong with Onix Pure 2 ball. It’s a popular choice amongst pickleball players of all levels and it will be accepted in any court without a blink of an eye. Made out of a great quality plastic Onix Pure 2 are durable and bright yellow offers good visibility while playing outdoors.

  • Weighted on a heavier side of pickleball requirements (22g-26.5g) at 26 grams to fly straighter in windy outdoor conditions.
  • Consistent bounce shot after shot with Authentic Bounce Technology
  • Exceptional seam welding offers greater durability and resists splitting
  • Superior balance with strategically aligned, precision-drilled holes
  • USAPA approved for outdoor tournament pickleball play

Runner Up: Dura Fast 40 Pickleball (outdoor) by Pickle-ball Inc.

The “original” pickleball is another great option for outdoor pickleball games. Dura is the first ball designed specifically for pickleball by the company that invented the game.

There balls are USAPA approved and are widely used in tournaments and events. Well balanced due the fact that these balls are rotationally molded as 1-piece with 40 precisely drilled holes for consistent flight and bounce. Dura is pickleball is weighted on the heavier side just over 26 grams. Dura Fast balls are a little louder and less durable (Anticipated life of 3-10 games in harsh conditions.) than Onix Pure 2 pickleballs, but it’s the standard ball for many leagues and for most tournaments (including the US Open) so it’s important to “know” this ball if your goal is to compete.

Best indoor pickleball ball 2019

Onix Pure 2 Indoor Pickleball Balls (Orange)

Just like outdoor pickleballs Onix Pure 2 dominates the indoor play as well. Build with the same “True Flight Technology” they feature consistent bounce and durability. Available in yellow and orange colors.

The general notion is that the “fire” orange improves ball visibility under the indoor lighting, but it really depends on the backdrop and floor color of the facility you play in.

  • Meets USAPA requirements for indoor tournament pickleball play

Runner Up: Jugs Indoor Pickleball

Jugs Indoor Pickleballs are another popular choice for indoor pickleball play. The ball is made of softer plastic, has larger holes and it’s lighter than outdoor balls. Jugs pickleballs comes lime green and white colors.

Quiet pickleball balls

The game of pickleball can get a little “noisy” and it sometimes it might lead to complaints from the others. The noise can be reduced by selecting a “quieter” paddle or a “quieter” ball. Gamma call them Gamma Foam Quiet Ball.

It’s called a practice ball by Gamma. This ball is made out of foam and plays a little different than the plastic one. This ball is not approved for official tournament use, but it can be used in casual games and practice when the noise is of a concern.

The foam ball is the lightest on the market at about 20 grams and when used outdoors it’s highly impacted by the wind. Yellow Gamma Foam Pickleball is a bit smaller in size, but provides with an average height bounce.

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