Spreading the positive addiction of pickleball

We are tennis players turned into pickleball fans.

Our mission is to create a pickleball social network to allow recreational players meet and play each other over the game of pickleball worldwide. Yes, worldwide. Even though the game gathers local “dinkers” together, we noticed that a good number of our audience travels with their paddles looking to play wherever they are.

pickleball player on court


Our current challenge is finding the means to support the development and promotion of our website. With our organic traffic growing daily, we are actively looking for partnerships and sponsorships.


We welcome all types of participation:

  • Submit your pickleball related articles and experiences for publishing (lessons, opinions, reviews - all types of content are welcome as long as it is relevant and respectful) - click here.
  • Help us build our court database by submitting where you play - click here.
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