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Why to play pickleball?

Pickleball is one the healthiest activities providing every member of the family with emotional, social, physical and mental benefits.

Why to play pickleball
How to play pickleball?

The game has simple rules. All you need to do is serve the ball to the other side of the court without committing any faults.

How to play pickleball
Where to play pickleball?

You can easily search for your nearest court wherever you are, and with hundreds of venues to choose from there is a chance you will find one near you.

Where to play pickleball
What is pickleball
Pickleball player in action

What is Pickleball & why to play?

Pickleball is fun and addicting game and with new courts popping everywhere across the country, pickleball grows rapidly in popularity among all age groups and skill levels.

We hear people describing the sport as “Tennis with a wiffle ball and big ping pong paddles”. It’s actually fairly accurate description, added that the court size is more like badminton or a half of a tennis court.

The game is very easy for novices to learn, fast-paced and extremely fun to play due to the long rallies. Pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors as well as doubles or singles. It is especially good for people with limited mobility and those wishing to keep active in later life.

A brief history of pickleball.

How to play

How to play Pickleball?

Are you a beginner in learning how to play pickleball?

Pickleball is a great sport to start no matter what shape your are in, as it’s fun from the get go and doesn’t require any specific athletic abilities to start enjoying it. As your level advances, it gets more intensive and physically challenging, so it’s a great way to combine fun with exercise.

Let’s begin with some simple pickleball rules.

Pickleball match two vs two

Pickleball is played either as singles (one-on-one) or doubles (two-on-two).

A rally starts with a serve.

A rally ends when opponent faults by:

The game begins after a side serving first is decided.

Although pickleball scoring is pretty straight-forward in singles, it can be a little intimidating when playing doubles.

Pickleball courts

Where to play pickleball?

While the number of pickleball courts is growing, they are still far in between. Use our search to find the one nearest you or learn how to setup a pickleball courts on the tennis court here.

Pickleball courts from aerial viewPhoto by TheVillagesFL / CC