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Spotlight: Xpats in Rosarito Beach Mx

Laurie and the kids from Rosarito Beach, Mexico

Goal: to raise $500 or receive the donation of 16 paddles and four portable nets.

We will open a progress bar as soon as the first donation comes in so you can see how your assistance is helping us advance toward our goal. Donors who appreciate being recognized for their good deeds will have an option to be listed on our website. Businesses are welcome to participate and will have the option to be listed on our website.

Greetings from Baja California.

We are a group of retired (most of us) expats living in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. We also love pickleball.

It has been a slow process finding a place to play, getting permission to line the courts and growing the group. We would like to teach the underprivileged kids in our area how to play pickleball. There are a couple of schools nearby our courts, which is wonderful as transportation is otherwise not available.

This way they can walk to an activity or play pickleball. We have reached out to many pickleball communities asking for used balls, nets, and paddles. We will also gladly accept any donations and promise to send photos of the kids’ progression.

Please contact Gus at the Pickleball Rush Support Team with any questions or donations.

Thank you,
Laurie Robinson

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